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"The Clairvoyant Psychic Healer" are words most often used to describe the clairvoyant psychic, Tonya Somers. She naturally sees, hears and feels all that is being told to her as a psychic from the other side of the physical realm. Tonya Somers hears the psychic messages, and is able to relay them to you from your loved ones who have passed on to the next plane. This woman is a 24 hour a day, genuine psychic, she often does her healings in her sleep.

Tonya Somers is a third generation psychic with over 40 years experience at giving psychic readings. She used to run many of the large psychic fairs in the Seattle/Reno/Portland and she is now in Las Vegas Nv. Tonya had her own radio show in Portland Oregon for 3 years and has been a guest on many live radio shows over the last 40 years. Tonya Somers is also a certified clinical hypno-therapist and a life coach.

She counsels thousands of people in their daily life--100% of the time over the telephone! She is electrical and so is the phone, so for Tonya the phone and your voice is the best medium for her.

By asking you a simple birth-date, name, brief description, and some other minor facts, she will always start your reading with a question from you, so that she can tune in on you individually. Then she is able to tune into a person's spirit guides and relate the psychic information from the other side to bring sense and spirituality to his or her life.

Tonya Somers will ask you many questions, fair is fair! Before she calls you, she tunes in on you and your energy for 30 minutes, so please be relaxed and in a peaceful place and peaceful state of mind; maybe light a candle or some incense in preparation. You will receive the best reading if you are prepared and in a quiet place at the time of your reading.

Are you not grounded in your physical body? This incredible psychic will ground you and allow you to feel more relaxed and settled back into your personal body. Maybe you are walking into things, or wondering how you got from one point to the next in your car. Tonya Somers can help align your physical body and energetic soul back into one space, so that you are more present in yourself and in your life.

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