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Adults as broken children and what we now think is true love.

Each of us deserve to find the love of our lives, but we do have to love our selves first to attract what you deserve. I can truly help you to break these patterns. Below are just some of the subjects we may need to address in our time together.

This is a list of many questions and informational answers about love and childhood patterns that quite often are asked of Tonya Somers during her readings. Of course these are not the answers for each of you, but they are pretty common answers/issues and questions. I can truly reach in and clear all of these issues/memories out of your aura within a healing session.

However, everyone in the world should have an aura cleansing/chakra balancing, and if you do this with me, I will teach you to do it yourself everyday.

Why do I keep dating someone like my Father or Mother?

When we first start dating, we usually attract a partner that has the same issues that have gone unanswered about why our most dysfunctional parent was the way they were when we were young. We tend to marry them, or partner up someone with the exact problem, so we can learn about that parent. Who in their right mind wants to marry someone exactly like their parent they had problems with anyway? I can help you stop attracting the same issues.

Are you a broken child/adult/child?

There is no such thing as a perfect parent or a perfect child – I told my daughter when she was 12 years old and stomping off "You should start a journal on what I have done wrong during your early years; it will save you thousands of dollars in your 30’s in therapy. You can just flip pages, and say "Ah ha. That was the day, my mom messed me all up, and it all went wrong!"

Many of us are so damaged from our childhood upbringing, that when we start dating as (supposed) adults, we tend to attract/date/marry an exact image of the bad personality trait of the parent we never understood while we were little kids. It confused us as young children, and we still wonder "Why is my dad or mom acting like that? Why do they treat me and each other this way?" So we seek those answers, or should I say our lessons, unfortunately from our chosen mates.

When you wonder those questions at this young age, you actually seal your future dating fate. At that exact moment you made a decision at let’s just say 5 years old, when you said to yourself “I will never marry/date someone like that,” right then and there you unknowingly stated your future subconsciously, so that when you grow up you will do just that.

Granted, we are just children when we make that decision, and we should not be held accountable for that. Holy cow, we were only around 5 years old! This is unfair! Why do I keep dating someone that will always disappoint me? The simple answer is this: that 5 year old child that still lives inside you, made that decision on how to relate and act within an adult relationship.

How scary is that? I bet you didn’t know that you as a 5 year old (or so) are doing all the attracting of that wrong person did you? Now you are thinking, aren’t you?

What we saw as young children we tend to bring into our adult relationships. Until we see that we are playing out that old movie of our minds, we can not recognize a great relationship,

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